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Rabbit with Onions and Prunes

Tonight’s dinner was inspired by recent brief trips to Morroco and France. In Marrakech I had a lovely lamb with onion and prune tagine heaped with saffron-sweet caramalised onions. It was so good I had it two days running.   … Continue reading

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Loving Lille

After Marrakech another French-speaking long weekend . I had been really enjoying London foodbloggers posts on trips to Lille , Brussels &  Paris as part of  Eurostar Little Break Big Difference Campaign , then London Eater announced  two free Eurostar  … Continue reading

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Somehow desite not having summer holiday this year I managed to book two long weekends in two weeks Marrakech and Lille , I picked Marrakech because I was thinking of my stomach. Marrakech is a massive culture shock it is … Continue reading

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Pumpkin , Sausage and Sage Casserole

My halloween always involves carving a pumpkin. Cutting a lid &  scooping out some of the flesh and seeds , and carving a rough approximation of a scary face   and setting it in the window lit by a single tealight. … Continue reading

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