Salmon with Roasted Beetroot and Salsa Verde

Obviously trying to be healthy for the New Year, even though the winter weather is  making it pretty hard to get out.

Fortunately the freezer is well stocked and thanks to my permanent pre-apocalyptic hoarding off foods I won’t starve . Finally to stave off scurvy the vegebox man has got through the ice and snow .He is obviously more daring than me since I have been desk-monkeying it from home .

This dish is kind of borrowed from something Valentine Warner cooked a Beetroot in Green Sauce but the salmon adds a touch more protein and also gives some pretty cool colour combinations.

Salsa verde is a good sauce to use up some slightly past it herbs which perk up in the oil and you can use the stalks. I used parsley because amazingly some has lasted from a bunch for Christmas stuffing,  but fresh tarragon or mint would also work well.

You can taste this dish doing you all kinds of good, must be so many anti-oxidants or some such in this it was certainly zingly ( Yep zingly a new word I am promoting rather than a mistype for once).

Salmon with Roasted Beetroot and Salsa Verde

Roasted Beetroot

2 medium Beetroot
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tbsp of olive oil

  1. Chop the beetroot into 1cm cubes
  2. Drizzle with olive oil and cumin seeds
  3. Roast at 180degC for 20 minutes

Salsa Verde

1 large handful of fresh parsley finely chopped
8 tbsp of olive oil
2 tbsp of capers finely chopped
8 tbsp of white wine vinegar
1 clove of garlic finely chopped
Salt and Pepper

  1. Mix together and leave for 20 minutes
  2. Then add salt and pepper to season

Salmon Fillets

2 salmon fillets happily farmed fish
1 tsp of butter
Seasoned with salt and pepper

Finally melt the butter in a warm pan and fry on the skin side first for a few minutes, then turn and finish for a few more minutes . You could grill it but I like the crispy skin and it never seems to work for me under the grill

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6 Responses to Salmon with Roasted Beetroot and Salsa Verde

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  2. Anita says:

    Yum! Thanks for sharing this recipe. I bought 2 bunches of beetroot at the markets and was unsure what to make with them. Now I know. I’m going to make this tonight.

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