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Seared Salmon with Runner Beans dressed with Horseradish , Garlic and Lemon.

Walking along the canal bank the other day I spotted some Horseradish growing , it looks a little like dock leaves , but there is a distinctive corkscrew twist to the leaves. I popped back to the house to get … Continue reading

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Blackberry Yogurt Cake

Recently I found a second-hand copy of , “The Man Who Ate Everything” by  Jeffrey Steingarten,  a collection of essays from 90s written by the former Vogue Food Critic. In one essay on ripeness of fruit, I learnt that dessert … Continue reading

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Courgette and Pea Fritters

I cannot visit my in-laws this time of year without coming away with a tonne of homegrown goodies. They are on daily Courgette Patrol, necessary to assure no unattended courgettes sneakily achieve marrow status . So we left with a … Continue reading

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Masala Omelette

At the moment GoodFood is screening back to back Nigella Lawson , Nigella Bites and Forever Summer, which is much better watched now than at it’s original screening time in the depths of winter. A scheduling nightmare that caused  even … Continue reading

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Fattoush – Toasted Pitta Bread Vegetable Salad

Fattoush, the name sounds like a big hug. This is a Middle-Eastern salad made from mixed vegetables and toasted pitta ( or other flatbreads). It’s a really fantastic recipe, especially if you have left a few slices of pitta bread … Continue reading

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Strawberry Teas, Tarts, Pavlovas and Scones

My Mum is an amazing cook, she was also until recently a full time family doctor . When I was little she often worked Saturdays and would  buy me and my little brother cakes on the way home. In summer … Continue reading

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Blackcurrant and Sloe Gin Sorbet

This week a very nice researcher from BBC Nottingham sent me a message , they were doing a piece on foraging and she wondered if I was able to show her some spots in Nottingham that day,  where wild berries … Continue reading

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Homemade Raspberry Vinegar on Goats Cheese Salad and with Strawberries and Black Pepper

Summer berries and currants are now in season. We don’t have any fruit bushes in the garden but  wandering along the canal bank yesterday  I was really happy to see a few straggly raspberry plants. The fruits were very small … Continue reading

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Sea Bass with Fennel , Broad Beans & New Potato Salad Dressed with Mint and Parsley

I am determined to master filleting fish, it’s one of those skills that once mastered makes you look wholly professional.   Thanks to You Tube I can now make a passable effort but I am still  too stabby with the knife. … Continue reading

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Warm Thai Chicken Salad

15 years ago I ate my first Thai food in a restaurant called Bankok  round the corner from my house in Bristol.  I was a still a teenager and my mum had taken  me for dinner The menu was the … Continue reading

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