BBQ Smoked Chilli Beef Brisket Tacos

Final meaty post for a little , after the joys of discovering indirect heat BBQ and getting a little carried away with BBQ Smoking joints we have lots of meat leftovers that need eating.

One of the pieces we cooked was a rolled Brisket, spiced with smoked paprika, garlic salt coriander this 700g piece took a 2 hours on the BBQ.

While it may look a char-coaled lump,  I promise that’s smoke on the outside. We ate slices of Brisket  on Saturday with lots of spiky homemade coleslaw, shredded carrot, red onion white cabbage and parsley dressed with white wine vinegar and Dijon mustard

We also had plenty of leftovers which seemed a good time to try out some Tacos taking a few liberties with recipes from Thomasina Miers’ Mexican Food Made Simple. The shredded Brisket is  served here in 10cm diameter tacos, perfectly sixed to fit in your hand and month in two bites  with guacamole and salsa.

The most essential thing  I have learnt from this book is the need to toast chilli, tomatoes and garlic to bring out their flavours . The most addictive recipe and a new   essential in my kitchen is the glorious Chipoltes en adobo , since making it a few weeks ago tablespoons  have gone in burger mixes , pasta sauces and even saucing  a cheese sandwiches.

This recipe makes one litre, but I promise once you have made it you will get through it Thomasina Miers writes that it keeps for months  in the fridge.

Thomasina Miers’ Chipoltes en adobo

200g of chipolte chillis ( dried)
1 large white onion roughly chopped
a head of garlic , cloves roughly chopped
3 tbsp of fresh oregano or a few pinches of dried
2 tbsp of thyme leaves
2 fresh bay leaves
1 tsp of cumin seeds
2 tbsp of olive oil
350ml of white wine vinegar
50ml of balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp of tomato puree
7 tbsp of demerara sugar
2 tbsp of sea salt

  1. Wash the chipoltes in cold water
  2. Snip of the stalk of the end of the chillis
  3. Cover the chills with water in a pan and simmer for 30 minutes
  4. Once the chillis are soft rinse off exceess seeds
  5. Put the onion garlic , herbs and cumin in a blender with 200ml of water and a hanful of the chillis
  6. Puree to a paste
  7. Heat the olive oil in a large heavy bottomed pan until smoking hot add the chilli pate and fry for 3 minutes stirring continuously
  8. Add the vinegars , tomato puree , sugar, salt and another 100ml of water and cook for another 5 minutes
  9. Add the rest of the chillis and 100ml of water and cook for another 15 minutes
  10. Check to see if further salt or sugar are required
  11. Allow to cool and store in jars  (at this point as suggested by Thomasina I pureed mine at this point so make it simple to add to other dishes)

Roast Chilli Salsa (adapted from Thomasina Miers)

6 cherry tomatoes
1 red pepper
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 medium white onion finely chopped
1 tbsp of Chipoltes en adobo ( above) or 1 jalepeno pepper
Juice of half a lime
1 tsp of sea salt
Handful of fresh coriander

  1. Heat a heavy bottom frying pan until smoking
  2. Add the tomatoes , garlic cloves & red pepper, and chilli ( if using) cook until blackened on each side
  3. Once blackened roughly chop the tomatoes, garlic and tomatoes or pound in a mortar and pestle
  4. Season with salt and lime juice
  5. Mix in the fresh coriander leaves

Smoked Garlic Guacamole

1 avocado
3 cloves of BBQ Smoked Garlic smashed ( I put a few bulbs of garlic on the BBQ grill while the Brisket was smoking , otherwhise) heat a few cloves til blackened in a hot drying frying pan)
1/2 red onions
1 jalepeno chilli
Half a lime juice
1/2 tsp of salt
2 tbsp of fresh coriander leaves

  1. Mash the avocado with a fork add the lime juice and salt to prevent discouration
  2. Stir in the garlic, chilli and red onions
  3. Finally stir in the coriander

BBQ Indirect Heat One – Rolled Pork Shoulder
BBQ Indirect Heat Two – Gammon
BBQ Indirect Heat Three – Smoked Beef Brisket

Chilli Beef Brisket Wraps


  1. Hi, love brisket and love chipotles. Have you tried the Tabasco version of chipotle sauce – it is quite hard to find but think Waitrose have it?

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