Rosemary Scented BBQ Leg of Lamb

“He’s stealing my meat, he’s stealing my meat”. Words screamed by my boyfreind on encountering his best mate , scarfing down extra lamb from the BBQ. In fact both he and the lovely boyfreind had thirds of meat , tender , juicy and scented with rosemary branches from an overgrown plant in the front garden.

Other great things to rub the meat with before BBQing are spices like paprika , cumin , coriander , herbs ; thyme , marjoram or chervil .You can also make small slits in the meat and push in slices of garlic or dried fruits like apricots , prunes or sour cherries.

Leg of Lamb is a relatively expensive joint, but I think it’s good value with plenty of meat by weight and easy to carve.

BBQ Leg of Lamb

1.5kg Leg of Lamb

3 large stalks of rosemary

1 tbsp of sea salt

This method uses a lidded BBQ ( if you do not have one you may wish to butterfly the leg of lamb – method here)

  1. Remove the leaves from the rosemary mix with the salt and rub all over the lamb. Leave for an hour or so
  2. Heat the coals until they are white hot and push to the sides of the BBQ
  3. Put the rosemary branches over the coals
  4. Brush the rosemary off the lamb and place a roasting dish full of water between the heaps of coals
  5. Place the leg of lamb over the roasting dish , open all the BBQ vents and cover
  6. Cook for 2 hours , remove and leave to rest for 20 minutes.

Cooking using the indirect heat means there is not need to turn the meat , just pop the lid on the BBQ and leave it to cook Once the meat is cooked and resting you could use the juices from the roasting dish to make a gravy, but we found the meat moist enough to serve sliced with plenty of salad.

Salads, Beetroot with Yoghurt and Fresh Herbs ( Mint and Parsley),  Tomato with Sliced Red onion and Balsamic Vinegar , Cous Cous scented with Paprika and Garlic mixed with fresh coriander

Salt Marsh Lamb with Spiced Salad

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10 Responses to Rosemary Scented BBQ Leg of Lamb

  1. sarah says:

    It sounds like a great party! The outdoor pictures are so refreshing, aren’t they? Also, I really like your blue and white salad bowl. Beetroot with yoghurt sounds lovely. (I am so predictable… always interested in the vegetables.) 🙂

  2. Leg of lamb on a barbecue? Brave. Very brave.

    My last attempt was a little charred on the outside, to say the least.

    Indirect heat, I kept saying to myself, indirect heat…

  3. Mycologista says:

    My monitor is broken because I tried to EAT it, when I saw that full plate.
    Absolutely gorgeous, mouth-watering & exciting meal.

  4. Becky says:

    I am becoming an indirect heat bore when BBQing. It was cooked right through but not charred. Heavenly half of it is calling me from the fridge

  5. Su-Lin says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh… I wish I had a BBQ! Well, let’s start with the basics – I wish I had an outdoor space in which to have a BBQ! I bet that lamb was fantastic!!!

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  7. born2flea2 says:

    So Delicious looking, must try this one!

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