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Baccala alla Napoletana (Salt Fish Tomato Pasta Sauce)

Dried and salted whitefish is sold by weight in the  Caribbean store in Victoria Market in other stores it could be labelled is bacalao (Spanish) , morue (French) and baccalà ( Italian) I love salty anchovies in a pasta sauce … Continue reading

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Potato Pizza with Rosemary and Anchovies

When Helen from Food Stories  posted a potato pizza yesterday, I suspected it wouldn’t be long until I was making one.  I lasted exactly  5 hours and that included the 1.5 hours to prove the dough. I last used potato … Continue reading

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Stichelton,Cote Hill Blue, Damson Cheese and Lincolnshire Plum Bread

Last year at  the East Midlands Food Festival I discovered some lovely new regional cheeses ; Sparkenhoe and Lincolnshire Poacher, both have become regular favourites. So of course at the  Nottingham Food Festival I wanted to try something new so … Continue reading

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Pomegranate Molasses Braised Shoulder of Lamb with Roasted Cauliflower Salad and Beetroot with Mint Yogurt

I know another big hunk of meat ( can I cook anything else) But this is a lovely way to feed people on a Friday night  plenty of salads and flatbreads, it feels instantly social digging into a plate together … Continue reading

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Jerk Pulled Pork

This was my first attempt at making a pulled pork, so I was instinctively working out a way of cooking rather than following a recipe. In the end it was incredibly simple; slow cooking followed by roasting leaves moist tender … Continue reading

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Mutton and Turnip Tagine

Just after I enjoyed the first aubergines of the summer , the vegebox plunged me back into the depths of winter with a avalanche of turnips – my vegetable nemesis. Every autumn I read recipes raving about them being delicious … Continue reading

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Blackberry Bakewell

I think this will be the last blackberry post of the season, it’s been a fantastic crop this year,  fat and juicy from all the rain .The last bag of blackberries got  squashed under a hundred weight of sloes, which … Continue reading

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Back to School

I don’t have children. Despite the highly personal enquiries of random Barclays telesales Actual conversation BSS : May I call you ,Becky ? Me: OK BSS : Do you have children Becky? Me: No BSS :Are you likely to have … Continue reading

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Elderberry Cordial

Elderflowers get all the attention in summer, with pages of magazine articles devoted to stories of people making their own elderflower cordial ,  champagne and ices.  I’m guilty too , I still have a few bottles of elderflower champage in … Continue reading

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Stilton and Green Tomato Chutney “Jucy Lucy” Burgers

One of the secrets most food bloggers learn pretty quickly is if you are cooking something that if you suspect might not photograph well in it’s final presentation e.g brown stew , then take plenty of pictures of the preparation … Continue reading

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