Blackberry Mousse

The Blackberry season came very early this year , I started gathering them at the end of July.  According to tradition/Wikipaedia blackberries should not be picked after Michaelmas (29 September) as the devil has claimed them, leaving a mark on the leaves by urinating on them.   So with just a few weeks  before the devil pee pee strikes  I am trying out all of my blackberry recipes, I have also got some foraged apples so can makes some old Blackberry and Apple favourites

This is an adaptation of my Mum’s Blackberry Mousse recipe, a favourite from my childhood, though I have removed the egg yolks and replace the cream with yogurt. It is like eating a blackberry cloud  so unbelievably light and fluffy you will end up eating a lot.   If you are willing to throw caution to the wind some people have been known to eat it with a dash of double cream.

Blackberry Mousse

400g of blackberries
100g of sugar
2 tsp of powdered gelatine
1/4 pint plain yogurt
3 egg ( whites only)

  1. Puree the blackberries ( You can sieve to remove the seeds)  then warm through in a pan to not allow them to boil , dissolve the sugar in the puree. Allow to cool for 5 minutes
  2. Add the gelatin and yogurt to the warm puree and leave to begin setting after 10 minutes it should become jammy.
  3. Whisk the egg whites until stiff , fold in the blackberries -yogurt puree
  4. Pour into a large serving bowl or individual dishes and refrigerate for 12 hours
  5. Garnish with fresh blackberries

Other recipes

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