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I was wittering away to someone on the phone about how I had adopted the East Midlands  – leaving behind my south-western ways since heading up here to be with Nick . To be honest that fact that the produce … Continue reading

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Ostrich Egg Super Spring Frittata

When a lovely lady from Morrisons sends you an email saying, “Would you like an Ostrich egg?” the sensible thing to do is to think calmly and rationally about what are going to do with the equivalent to 24 hens … Continue reading

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H.Forman Smoked Salmon with Homemade Bagels

Every day  I get up to have breakfast with Nick at at 6.45am before he heads off to work. However I have begun to suspect I am gestating a  hobbit. Though not quite up to their 7 full meals a … Continue reading

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Wild Garlic Risotto

Last year I made the quintisenital Spring dish a  Wild Garlic Risotto with St Georges Mushrooms . The mushrooms won’t appear for another few weeks so until then I am contenting myself with a simple risotto made with a wild … Continue reading

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Rabbit with Mustard , Leek and Wild Garlic Sauce

Firstly now is actually not the best time to buy  wild Rabbit ,from April  they are busy breeding and feeding their young . However  this is little wild bunny has been in my freezer for a couple of months, a … Continue reading

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Chocolate and Salted Caramel Profiteroles

With my partner Nick’s Mum, brother and girlfreind coming round for Mothering Sunday weekend lunch I was feeling a little pressure , the other weekend I served his parents and mine, a horribly tough brisket .  I was still bristling … Continue reading

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