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Cucumber , Radish and Broad Bean Salad with Radish Leaf and Feta Pesto

One of the signs of early labour is something called nesting, women report a strong urge to clean. Nesting is the only practical explanation for  I spent the first day of a heatwave  vaccuming the house, washing the kitchen floor, … Continue reading

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Tomato, Onion and Potato Tart

The greengrocers have gluts of cherry tomatoes on sale at the moment. It was just as well I got a lot since at least didn’t make it home as I snacked on them during the walk home most of a … Continue reading

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Pasta with Broad Beans Peas and Spinach & Feta Pesto

This time of year it’s hard not to go a bit wild in the greengrocers , eating seasonally means having to spend large parts of the year eating a lot of leeks, parsnips,  carrots and cabbages. Lovely but  them but … Continue reading

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Gammon and Pea Risotto

For a bargain joints you really cannot beat a gammon hock ( smoked or unsmoked) less than £2 a piece. They do need some slow low cooking to ensure the flakiest meat and rich stock. In winter you can use … Continue reading

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Sticky Toffee Date Cake

A number of months ago I wrote about the builders getting through mounds of cake while fixing my snag list and my foolproof 175 cake. recipe which can be adapted for a range of ingredients and had received many compliments … Continue reading

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Cucumber Pickle with Smoked Salmon and Hot New Potato Salad

On Friday night I found myself watching the One Show. Chef Jamie Oliver was appearing allowing a gentle back and forth with Observer food critic Jay Rayner about his review of Jamies latest restaurant venture Barbecoa After some gentle ribbing,  … Continue reading

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Planning for Post Pregnancy

I have tried not to witter on too much about my pregnancy since  posting our news in December .  I get that it is not as interesting for anyone else as it is for me. I do dimly remember a … Continue reading

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Midlands Food Bloggers Meetup at 99 Station St , Staffordshire Fine Foods and a Summer Caldo Verde

On Saturday I took the quick train journey from Nottingham  to Burton on Trent ,  .Once the heart of brewing for the UK,  brewery buildings still dominate the town but the yeasty smell in the air is more often attributable … Continue reading

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Persian Chicken Stew with Pomegranate and Almonds

This recipe is I am afraid a shameless rip off of Stewed founder Alan Rosenthals take on Khoresht fesenjan,  a Persian Chicken Stew made with pomegranate molasses and walnuts ( previously reproduced by Niamh at Eat Like a Girl ) … Continue reading

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