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Shaved New Potato and Asparagus Pizza with Wild Garlic Pesto

The potato pizza was an addiction of mine back in 2010 with shaved aspapragus and one with anchovies and rosemary. They are completely addictive and even more than a cheese and tomato pizza delicious and filling cold This recipe has to … Continue reading

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Rabbit with Butter Beans and Spring Greens

For lunch on Easter Sunday we had Rabbit, we ate the Easter Bunny, acutally just it’s legs which are the bit with the most meat on them. Rabbit does need slow cooking or it can be very tough once cooked … Continue reading

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Smoked Mackerel Fishcakes

Being a parent is bloody hard. I mean Begonia hard ( Trying to stop swearing, my late grandmother would always use Flower names rather than swear words – Delphiniums works in most situtions) Everyone tells you  being a parent is  … Continue reading

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