Rabbit with Butter Beans and Spring Greens


For lunch on Easter Sunday we had Rabbit, we ate the Easter Bunny, acutally just it’s legs which are the bit with the most meat on them. Rabbit does need slow cooking or it can be very tough once cooked it is a bit like gamey chicken – like Partridge

These legs are from wild rabbits from the RoosterMan, a regular at the local farmers market selling Wild Boar, Rabbits and Roosters. You can watch him skin the rabbits which is good because I am definitely be wary of buying rabbits since I lot of them are comercially farmed in China and Eastern Europe and most recently there are been some disturbing tales in The Independent and the Guardian about plans for rabbit battery farms.

I  ut all this is the pressure cooker for 25 minutes on high worked a treat even with the butter beans cooking from dried. The recipe below is for those without a pressure cooker. 

Rabbit with Butter Beans and Spring Greens

2 Rabbit Legs  ( You could use a whole rabbit jointed )
200g of dried Butter Beans
1 small onion finely chopped
2 rashers of smoked bacon
2 cloves of garlic
1 pint of boiling water

  1. Fry the onion , garlic and smoked bacon, in the bottom of a heavy bottomed lidded saucepan
  2. Add the rabbit legs to brown
  3. Add the butter beans and water
  4. Leave on a very low simmer for an hour the butter beans will absorb the water and the rabbit should become tender and falling off the bone. Check halfway through but check and add a little more if require
  5. For the last 10 minutes add some shredded spring greens or kale.

Rabbit Piephoto

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3 Responses to Rabbit with Butter Beans and Spring Greens

  1. This looks amazing, I love a good rabbit. Jamie Oliver has a dish called Ligurian braised rabbit.
    This is one of my favourite ways to cook rabbit. It is in the Jamie’s Kitchen Book. That said Mothers Rabbit pie is pretty awesome. lapin aux pruneaux looks amazing, I have never tried it.
    I remember Clarissa Dickson Wright or Jennifer Paterson commenting on Chinese rabbit “The Chinese can eat night soil, we cannot”. I don’t seem to see it as much as back in the 80/90s, when that comment was made.

  2. I’m making this on Sunday for my rabbit-obsessed wife. A question: Do you soak the dried butter beans before cooking? Since they only cook for about an hour, I have to believe they are pre-soaked. Thanks! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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