Sustainable Sushi – Mackerel Sashimi and Smoked Mackerel Sushi Rolls


This week Nick was sitting his first exam in more than 20 years. When I asked what he wanted to eat to celebrate the end he said sushi. Visits to conveyor belt restaurants are definitely out with Em – pretty certain moving food would be way too exciting a challenge. But we have often made sushi at home.

Fresh fish sushi and sashimi tend towards the un-sustainable end of the fishmarket and I wanted to try to find something a bit more sustainable without missing the protein hit. The fishmongers had some spankingly fresh mackerel and some quick research showed Mackerel sashimi to be favourite dish.  Rather than simply cutting the fresh mackerel recipes ( as Hugh F-W suggests) most included a cure

Methods varied in the amount of cure , and wether it was salt sugar or vinegar but this method worked well to produce something where there was still a good taste of fresh mackerel.

We also made a few rolls with smoked mackerel, cucumber and spring onion, which Em happily tucked into the next day fun to see a toddler decimate a sushi roll.



Mackerel Sashimi

200g of salt
200g of caster sugar
100ml of rice wine vinegar

  1. Remove the head from the mackerel.
  2. Remove fillets from each side of the fish to the tail, leaving the skin on
  3. Remove all the pin-bones, I use tweezers
  4. Place the mackerel flesh side into a layer of sugar for an hour
  5. Then brush off the sugar and replace with salt and leave for at least 4 hours
  6. To make the marinade warm the rice vinegar with half the sugar (the rest can be disgarded), leave to cool.
  7. Once the mackerel has cured pull off the skin, this should leave some of the blue/silver pattern on the flesh.
  8. Put the fillets into the marinade for 30 minutes, slice into pieces.
  9. Serve with soy sauce and wasabi.
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One Response to Sustainable Sushi – Mackerel Sashimi and Smoked Mackerel Sushi Rolls

  1. In River Cottage in a couple of week’s time, can’t wait. The pictures look amazing. It’s a bit late for mackerel. They show up occasionally though even in winter, so I will bare these in mind.
    Mackerel masala (Gordon Ramsay Great Escape India) is defiantly worth making. We are at the start of pheasant season, any ideas are welcome.

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