Mutton Tagine

Mutton Tagine

More magic from the slow-cooker, so easy  I don’t even sear the meat, never needed to, all the ingredients  thrown in  first thing in the morning  and after even the worst day a delicious meal.

I really love Lamb but mutton really has that denseness to it, perfect with some sweetness and spice

Mutton Tagine

Mutton Tagine

1kg of mutton shoulder or leg in a whole piece.
Handful of dried apricots
1 tbsp of ras Al hanout
1 tbsp of dried red chillis
1 large onion roughly chopped
1 clove of garlic
1 handful of black olives
1 lemon chopped into quartets
2 tbsp of dried mint

Put all the ingredients in the slow cooker , leave on low for 6 hours.
To serve pull the mutton into chunks and mix together .

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One Response to Mutton Tagine

  1. Goose says:

    Looks nice, I love mutton. I did something similar by Gordon Ramsay. I think it had honey in the mix.

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