Burn’s Night

Well I said I was back and I said it would be honest and this is the kind of thing I was coming up with 8 months before I had Emily . Haggis and Pomegranate Flatbreads


So beautiful and trust me delicious. Burns Night this week,  with two kids it wasn’t so elegant.

I still cooked a haggis. The haggis,  whole with chopped swede , carrot and onion a little water in the pressure cooker ready in 20 minutes on high.

Haggis is actually such a perfect ready meal. I actually have 5 on the online shop for this week to keep in the freezer.

Any leftovers now are  served as  “meatballs” for the kids  with baked beans. Just like faggots .

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2 Responses to Burn’s Night

  1. Goose says:

    Cheap, Tasty, I love Haggis, should eat it more. I never went near it as a child, black pudding the same. Amazingly it tastes nothing like your imagination tells you

  2. Goose says:

    Got me thinking as there is always leftovers, I like your idea for HPFbs.

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