Kimchi Pancakes with Inkyung’s Kitchen


I wrote a few weeks ago about the lovely Inkyung,  a Mum at Em’s school who gave me some of her home-made kimchi.

It was delicious and thankfully Inkyung is now teaching everyone how to make amazing Korean food from her lovely home –  Inkyung’s Kitchen or your home in Nottingham

This Thursday evening, clutching  a 1 litre jar , a group of Mum’s from school gathered to make kimchi.  In Korea they can often take a whole day to make kimchi but we  had a few hours and a some wine.

Inkyung had prepared some of the elements, a stock and rice glue in advance for us a stock and rice glue so we have the restful parts of massaging cabbage with salt , some leisurely chopping and mixing.

While everything was resting, Inkyung cooked up a few batches of kimchi pancakes which were so stunning that although you are really supposed to wait a few weeks before eating the kimchi. I just couldn’t wait to share the pancakes with Nick. I checked and you can use the kimchi straight away.

I fried up a few batches of the kimchi pancakes,  which we ate with fresh kimchi & dipped in a little soy sauce. It’s interesting how the taste change in the kimchi when it’s cooked the heat from the chilli mellows.

You can add prawns , or minced pork or chicken but honestly they are delicious just plain. I want to eat them for breakfast.

Inkyung runs classes from her home or for groups or parties she will come to homes locally in Nottingham you can book via her Facebook page – Inkyung’s Kitchen

Kimchi Pancakes

Make 8 pancakes

  • 5 heaped tbsp of kimchi , roughly chopped
  • 2 heaped tbsp of plain flour or rice flour
  1. Mix the flour with the kimchi
  2. Depending on the liquid in your kimchi you may need a little more flour or a little water You are looking for a texture of soggy cornflakes
  3. Ladle 1 heaped tbsp into a hot pan with a little oil until browning at the edges, then turn.
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