BBQ Pork Belly and Coleslaw



You have to make the most of an English summer because blink and you miss it.

A quick trip to the Farmer’s market yesterday yielded an enormous lump of pork belly with the ribs in.  We did get a gas BBQ last year, vital when you are trying to BBQ quickly for two little kids in the evening.  Nick is still a charcoal BBQ-er at heart (still slightly annoyed I won’t let him open a BBQ restaurant) and for a low and slow cook you need the indirect heat, you can only get from a proper BBQ,  I’ve written before about

I’ve written before about how you master indirect heat  but essentially it’s like a slow cook in the oven. Lid on,  hands off and if you are “looking it’s not cooking” . This BBQ cooked all afternoon and into the evening with a few sausages popped on for the kid’s tea , eaten a few hours before our dinner.



  1. A dry rub on the pork belly – this time a jerk seasoning.
  2. Cooked on indirect heat for 6-8 hours
  3. Served with homemade coleslaw ( shredded white cabbage, carrot and red onion mixed with mayo, dijon mustard and lemon juice)
  4. Serve by slicing between the rib bones



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