The Botanist

Out twice in two weeks,  it must be a record. But when a very well known cocktail bar opens in your neighbourhood and invites you to their launch it would be very rude to turn them down.

The Botanists new Nottingham home is in West Bridgford, and 5 minutes walk from my house. In  Fire and Ice, a pretty dull bar and pizza place, the decorators have certainly been busy covering every inch of wall and ceiling with rustic planks and old farming implements. It felt warm and cozy on a very cold night.

Naomi and I usually spend our time together huddled on a cold playground or in our respective kitchens while our 5 very loud girls run in and out demanding food, drinks, and trantrum-intervention so it was lovely to be able to chat over delicious cocktails mine was a short Martini – the Velvet Green – full of green fruit and gin.  N had The Botanist a tall drink of vodka, rum and elderflower liqueur.

Our starters prawns and calamari were quirkily served with sauces mini watering cans. Although I say quirkly,  I mean annoying cos you cannot actually pour mayonnaise out a of watering-can and so we had to track down and spoon to scoop it out.

For mains,  we both had the famous hanging kebabs. Vertically hanging skewers of meat and vegetables served with a little pot of sauce to pour over the kebabs,  down onto the fries below. Sadly as the kebab is hanging in the air it cools really quickly and pouring sauce down just gives you soggy chips. I think it needed a salad or something crunchy with it.

We had the cheeseboard for pudding, lovely cheeses, slightly let down by being served with an assortment of crackers straight out of the Jacob’s Cracker Selection box with sandwich pickle. It’s a beautiful looking place and the staff were lovely,  as it was press launch it was also very very busy and they coped brilliantly.

This place does amazing cocktails and has an impressive ale list. Given the attention to botanicals,  I was probably expecting more garden inspiration in food but is perfect sharing food for the groups of people who will flock there. I’ll be back to try a Sunday Lunch with the family.
40 Bridgford Road , West Bridgford Tel : 0115 704 3700


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One Response to The Botanist

  1. I love the Botanist !! This looks amazing !! I’m just letting you know that I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award 🙂 no worries if you don’t have time/don’t want to.
    Merry Christmas!

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