Another? – Nottingham’s First Self Service Wine Bar


Admist a half term of entertaining kids and juggling work, a night out seemed a long shot. But you cannot pass up the opportunity to visit Nottingham’s newest wine bar and it’s first self-service one.

Another? is located up a steep set of stairs above the busy chain restaurants on Trinity Square.  Every student in Nottingham was roaming the streets dressed or undressed for Halloween, so it was lovely to find a grown-up haven of twinkling candles, beautiful blue tiles and dozens of hanging wine glasses. It reminded me of a Spanish sherry bar, the only difference being instead of a barman there is a wall of electronic wine dispensers accompanied by tasting notes.

It’s not all machines though, the lovely staff gave us a charge card each and showed us to a table, fetching us complimentary nibbles and water.

To fill your glass,  you first choose your wine, enter your charge card and holding a glass under the spout, press a selection button for either a taster, small or large glass.


There were 16 different wines available when we visited, from Old World to New World. Usually, I look down a wine list, a select the same thing, something New World – Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec.

It definitely did make me try different wines and a taster would definitely save you spending a lot on a whole glass if you just wanted to sample something new

It was good fun wandering along the line, reading the notes and there is definitely the social aspect of talking to other people about what they had enjoyed/would recommend.

Our cards were pre-charged and the amount remaining on the card was shown on the dispenser display along with your name. Normally you would accumulate charges on your card and pay at the end, so I assume you would see the spend so far on the display.

I quite fancied a wine dispenser at home, but apparently, they start at £1000 per bottle position, counting 16 bottle positions,  the investment in this bar has been significant so I hope it is a success.

Another?  , 9 Trinity Square, Nottingham











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