BUN Mii Vietnamese Cafe – Nottingham



I was reading this article about how actually open-plan offices don’t really work and negatively effect individuals well-being and productivity. Other research has suggested we should be working from coffee shops
I heartily agree. After years of open-plan office work, I mostly work from home now and it’s heaven. There are no office politics, no requests to show people how the photocopier works/ re-format their word document . No just asking my opinion when I am right in the middle of something.
But as the social isolation can get a bit much I do like to have the odd morning working in a coffee shop. I always thought it would be distracting but actually in the noise and hub-bub of a cafe I can manage to tune everything out largely as it doesn’t have any relevance or interest me.

Today I worked and had lunch in the lovely Bun Mii Café it looks small from the outside but inside there is large back room with plenty of open tables.
If you need something to fuel a working frenzy Vietnamese Coffee is just the ticket, made with coffee and condensed milk, it’s like rocket fuel. For a more mellow approach they also have 31 different types of tea.




It’s a simple menu , Pho (Vietnamese Soup) , Noodle Bowls  and summer rolls another of my favourites, but the main attraction for me are the Banh Mi, a, crispy baguette with served with a filling of pork/chicken/vegatables , pickled vegetables , crispy vegetables and a spicy dressing.
This is no soggy or chewy baguette, oval shaped and locally baked.  It’’s light and crispy bread, packed with flavour, for less than the price of a soggy Subway sandwich.

I’ll definitely be back to try the Pho




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  1. Ah Banh Mi 11 those were the days, why it went downhill then closed? Someone please tell me of its replacement?
    Nottingham is to far to go. Does Underwood still exist? I used to visit my great gran there, many super blue moons ago. She was a friend of DH Lawrence.
    Maybe Exeter or Plymouth could be a place for the next Viet café?
    Your Bun Mi looks cool as!

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