Mackerel and Kimchi Big Bowl


I’ll be honest a month ago when Nick said he was going to be pescatarian for a while I did think –  this won’t last long. This is a man who would literally count the pieces of chorizo on his plate and ask if I thought I had more.

I was vegetarian for 10 years between 13 and 23, so I get it and know how to cook plenty of veggie food. True the eldest kid and I have sneaked out for fancy burgers.  But I have enjoyed the challenge and it’s got me away from some of my go-to – chuck some chicken in a pile of vegetable recipes. Tonight’s dinner was delicious, griled mackerel, cooked wholemeal bulgar wheat, cucumber , pickled turnip and  home-made Kimchi ,  sprinked with Korean Pepper , seaweed and sesame seeds

Love these big bowls

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