Falafel Baffle and More


Social Media is often blamed for isolating people. But in my local community it can often be a great way of bringing people together. Our local Facebook page is used to sell and give away items, recommend tradespeople, it’s helped people borrow emergency heaters when their boilers pack-up, helped find temporary dog-walkers, baby-sitters share surplus veg and eggs.

It also means people launching their own business can market them and get a chance to share their skills.

The other night – Tali of Falafel Baffle and More posted she was going to be delivering home-made falafel and pitta bread in the area. Now I am a huge falafel fan, I’ve pretty much  decided it would be my last meal. I am seriously considering buying a deep fat fryer just to be able to make my own as we eat them once a week.

I placed an order for sweet potato falafel and a bag of pitta bread. The falafel and bread arrived at my door,  frozen easy to re-heat in the microwave (or as I like my falafel crunchy – under the gril) perfect for the next night , you can also order cabbage salad , vegetable pickles and hummus.

The falafel were delicious and the pitta bread actually puffed up and could be used as pockets something no store bought falafel has ever managed. Untypically my 6 year old decided to wake up and she loved them too , so that’s another falafel convert, bit annoying though as I will have to share.

Check to see if they are delivering to your area. https://www.facebook.com/falafelbaffleandmore

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