Another Wine Bar – The Terrace

2018-04-26 17.53.46-1

Last weekend it was definitely summer my sandals were on, salad was on the menu and I even ordered a new paddling pool!

So when an email popped into my Inbox asking if I fancied trying the new Champagne and Prosecco Terrace opening at Another Wine Bar , it seemed like a no-brainer.

I pictured myself in a floaty maxi dress, sunglasses on and sipping Champagne. Well obviously the Great British Weather Gods had other plans; April showers turned into April downpours with rain lashing at the windows.

However the owners of Another? have obviously been praying to the right weather gods and on Thursday evening the sun was shining on their lovely new terrace.

2018-04-26 17.08.04

Just like the interior of Another? with it’s exposed brick, vintage finds and twinking candles there has been great attention to detail.  The exterior terrace showcases the same lovely Nottingham red brick but wth raised stools, tables, strings of light and a  delightful  absence of nailed together pallets / picnic tables.  It’s was also very special to  be on a hidden terrace rather than out on the pavement enjoying a drink right in the centre of town.  In fact it is  amazing that the terrace has been completed in just over a week , if planned for more than a year)

Owner  of Another? Sam is passionate about providing some new experiences for Nottingham wine lovers, Another? already features self-service machines allowing you to sample wine by the glass. The terrace will bring Champagne from Palmer and Co – the best champagne you have never heard of.

Palmer and Co has traditionally only sold direct to trade, so it is less well known than some other Champagne houses, but it has been very well reviewed. It was certainly delicious in all it’s forms Blanc de Blanc, Blanc de Noirs, Rose Reserve , to the very special Amazone ( matured for up to 12 years).

2018-04-26 17.52.06

It’s sure to be a hit as the summer hots up and even if the air turns cold you can head to the cosy inside for a glass of  red wine and maybe a plate of British Cheese & Charcuterie.

2018-04-26 17.02.12

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