About me

The basics…

I am Becky , since this blog started it’s life I’ve moved from single girl in a studio flat in Bristol to mother of two young girls in Lady Bay, Nottingham.

I love food;  eating it, buying it , growing it and buying it and foraging for it. I have been writing this blog since 2006 and it continues to provide a space for develop my interest in food .The recipes in this blog are seasonal and the ingredients locally sourced

Despite growing up in the centre of a city , my parents inspired a great love of nature and we were often found gathering blackberries and foraging for fungi. If you  enjoy making the most of the outdoors I have put together some feminine  foraging tips and there are lots of  wild food recipes from ingredients gathered in the city& country.

I am always keen to hear from other people with comments , suggestions or to share your food stories , you can contact me

e: beckayork@gmail.com
t: http://twitter.com/beckayork

Using content

I take all the photos on this blog (with my point and shoot camera) so if you wish to use them or any of the content in this blog please ask permission and attribute the source with a link-back

27 Responses to About me

  1. Gigibird says:

    I have a bunny collection – mostly Sylvac, but I do have a Denby rabbit as well

  2. sinagua says:

    I just found your flickr and blog and wanted to let you know you’re my latest hero. 😀

    I, too, dream of a small cottage in the woods, with a river and a fireplace. Only I don’t have the vast knowledge you do of what’s edible and what will sicken/kill you. I am very keen to learn, though. 😉

    Your cooking photos and entries amaze me. Pity you don’t have your own restaurant!


  3. Stu Cox says:

    You’re getting easier to google!

    Hope you’re well.

    Love your blog and pics, have a great Christmas and New Year.


  4. paganum says:

    Love your blog and superb photos, have added you to my blogroll on the Yorkshire Dales Food Blog, Thanks Chris

  5. Tasmanian girl says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog. It’s sensational and is now in my faves !!! Live like you mean it, and thanks !

  6. Wendy says:

    Murakami and Atwood are favourites of mine too. Mitchell did Cloud Atlas, right? Hard work but worth it. 🙂

  7. Leah says:

    Hey! Thanks for the recipes – your site is great! I found you from Flickr where I was impressed by your photography. I love how you bring out so many colors.

    I write a newsletter for my family and friends every quarter and I wanted to ask you if I could use your recipe and pic. I’m researching the health benefits of Hawthorn – not many people know what it is in the US – and it would go perfectly. I’d love to give them a reason to give Hawthorn a whirl. It’s not biggy if you’d rather keep it just to this website, but I thought I’d ask if you mind. 🙂

    Thanks again for your great site! Love it.


  8. I came across your blog and thought your bloggers might be interested to know that Hambleden Herbs are having a special 50% off sale of all their products in the Antony Worrall Thompson range ( http://www.hambledenherbs.com/awt/). What’s more if you put the code Blogger05 in the promotional code, they’ll take another 10% off. There are some lovely mixed herb grinders in the sale, vanilla and chocolate sugar, and lots more, not to mention some delicious recipes care of Paul Clerehugh of the famous Crooked Billet gastropub.

    Hambleden are a small, organic herb and tea company based in Wiltshire. They started as a family business about 25 years ago and many of their herbs come from exactly the same producers as when they first began.

    In particular, the Russian Tmin is really good and my kids seem to love it on just about everything – from crispy potato skins to chicken and even steak.

    Anyway, as a blogger myself (albeit of a very different kind), I know that you must get loads of emails so I’ll leave this one with you.

    Good luck with the blogging.

    Kind regards

  9. powrpuff says:

    I just want to thank you for putting this blog ‘out there’. The writing and recipes are direct, succinct and easy to follow. The pictures are ad-worthy!

    I prefer perusing your recipes to food networks’ and forward your link to friends who have only 5 minutes to read a recipe before cooking.

  10. Sophie says:

    I just stumbled onto your beautiful foodblog & I am glad that I did! Love it!!

  11. rachel says:

    I love a good stumble – or link should I say –
    what great recipes, nice writing and temptingly good photos
    With so many food blogs it all gets a bit overwelming but some blogs just grab you
    – like yours.

  12. Janice says:

    How are you creasing the edges of your quiche pastry? It is beautiful.

    We are wild harvesting chantrelles and finishing up the fall harvest. Canning ground cherry/green tomato relish, salsa, and jam!! It’s all green, yes?

    Getting ready to try some of your winter squash recipes with heirloom winter squash from our farmer’s market.

  13. Sarah says:

    Hi Becky,

    I’ve tried to send you an email but your email address keeps bouncing back, is there another way I can contact you?



  14. Sheelagh says:

    I found your site while trying to find something to do with a lamb neck fillet!
    It’s a great site – your recipes and photos are both brilliant – I shall definitely be coming back to find recipes!
    Thank you

  15. Ubergrub says:

    Nice work.. loving the blog

  16. J Mark Dodds says:

    Great blog. Your food looks rather good.

  17. Royster says:

    Hello, just found the site and wow loads of gr8 ideas. used to be a chef, now ceramic tiler, done quite a bit of work for joe at Stitchelton hence how found the tie up with. Great cheese and great idea with said cheese, fab blog. live about ten miles from diary so welbeck shop has good supply of fresh stuff. would love to hear more tips on fresh picked food. keep it going. great. Roy.

  18. Hi Becka,

    I’ve just discovered your blog – lush!
    I moved out to the Nottinghamshire countryside a couple of years ago, and I work for The Country Victualler – you’ve probably heard of us, we make the most delicious smoked chickens and duck, and a marmalade glazed alderton ham – foodie heaven!

    I’ve just found your salted caramel profiteroles recipe – have decided to make it for friends this weekend – will let you know how it goes!!

  19. Pingback: What’s For Dinner? Breakfast!

  20. korey says:

    I just found your blog on Flickr while looking for a different kind of stew idea. Tonight we’ll be having “Beef Stew with French Bread and Mustard Topping” since I have all the ingredients and too much old french bread. Now that I’ve found you I think you’ll be an inspiration for a long time to come. Cheers!

  21. http://loseweightandgainhealth.com/2011/12/24/a-nomination

    I nominated you for a blog award. Have a look at the link above to see more information. i have recently been enjoying your blog and look forward to more posts in the future.

  22. Agreeing with all the good comments. Fantastic Blog. I may have said that before more than once.
    My great gran was from Underwood, near Nottingham. I remember visiting her, (not much 30 plus years ago), as a child.
    Again superb Blog,
    my blog is mostly South West UK.
    I do however travel occasionally, I am in Bavaria as I write this.
    Keep up the good work.

  23. Searching in Bing brought up your site – I’m pleased it did, many thanks.

  24. stylo says:

    Hi there, yes this paragraph is in fact nice and I have learned lot of things from
    it regarding blogging. thanks.

  25. Natalie originally started her blog somewhere around 2005 or 2006 because
    at the time she was living in the eventful city of Brooklyn, NY.
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  26. Hello, Becky! I’m from Nottingham and just started a blog! Like what I see so far on yours and looking forward to having a look around! 🙂

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