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Tourte Cévenole ( Potato, Leek and Herb Pie)

This is the final  recipe from the Cévennes region   following on from Spatchcocked Guinea Fowl with Rosemary and Pancetta Pork , Kale & Chestnut Stew These recipes were provided by the author  Rosy Thornton to complement her new fictional work Tapestry … Continue reading

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Rosemary Scented BBQ Leg of Lamb

“He’s stealing my meat, he’s stealing my meat”. Words screamed by my boyfreind on encountering his best mate , scarfing down extra lamb from the BBQ. In fact both he and the lovely boyfreind had thirds of meat , tender … Continue reading

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BBQ Gammon with Braised Peas and Lettuce

After the success of learning to BBQ with indirect heat on Friday night , a generous slipper Gammon joint went on the BBQ with a roll of brisket. The gammon was rubbed with a spicy mix of mustard seeds , … Continue reading

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St Pancras Sourced Market and Foodie Fortnight

Stations in England are not known as destination for good food  true outisde of London it’s Upper Crust and Mcdonalds , in London they sometimes stretch to a Pret a Manger or Paul. However St Pancras is the exception I … Continue reading

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Welsh Wine and Bilberry Pancakes

Back from camping and the Green Man Festival,  it was a wonderful opportunity to camp on the site a few days before the festival started properly , despite it being the 4th time I have been to Green Man you … Continue reading

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BBQ Bream In Newspaper

We headed out for a long walk but got stuck in endless traffic but we did end up going past a DIY store there are some big discounts on BBQs to be had a result of the no-show BBQ summer,we … Continue reading

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Chimmichurri Sauce

Definitely not a sauce for those not enamoured of garlic or chilli , Chimichurri is a delicious green sauce or marinade from South America that I can feel doing me good as I eat it . Delicious with chargrilled BBQ … Continue reading

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Hamper for a Camper from Natoora

I recently  got offered  a hamper from Natoora .  Hampers sometimes bring up thoughts of tinned spam and Quality Street,  but this is another league offering delicious Continental and English seasonal food, meat cheese , wine and fresh vegetables boxes,  … Continue reading

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BBQ Lambs Liver with red onions , parsley and lemon

Who knew anyone could be more infectiously enthusiastic about seasonal food than Hugh Fearnley Whittigstall and then the BBC finds Valentine Warner a self confessed glutton for fresh seasonal food. A man whose eyes and mouth widen constantly at the … Continue reading

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BBQ Rib of Beef with new potato & broad bean salad with homemade mayonnaise

I don’t buy meat from the supermarket with great local butchers near my work and close to home and the sadness that usually descends when I look at all the plastic packaged meat in the supermarket.  However  yesterday I did … Continue reading

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