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Persian Chicken Stew with Pomegranate and Almonds

This recipe is I am afraid a shameless rip off of Stewed founder Alan Rosenthals take on Khoresht fesenjan,  a Persian Chicken Stew made with pomegranate molasses and walnuts ( previously reproduced by Niamh at Eat Like a Girl ) … Continue reading

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Punjabi Chicken and Spinach

With the rain thundering down I am desperate for warming food, but conscious of the need for hit of green, Happily there are huge bags of spinach in the grocers so I grabbed a couple.  After a quick browse I … Continue reading

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Warm Thai Chicken Salad

15 years ago I ate my first Thai food in a restaurant called Bankok  round the corner from my house in Bristol.  I was a still a teenager and my mum had taken  me for dinner The menu was the … Continue reading

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Roasted Preserved Lemon Chicken

This roasted chicken recipe  is slightly adapted from Casa Moro, I think any combination of hot spices with the preserved lemon  makes a delicious roast . Leaving  the chicken to rest after roasting means you can use the combined chicken … Continue reading

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Hedge Garlic Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

My first bit of foraging of the year . I was working from home on Friday , which meant at 5 on the dot  I shut off the computer and dragged my lovely boyfreind off for a walk along the … Continue reading

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Chicken Cacciatore

This is a classic Italian dish , Cacciatore means hunter in Italian  I had a  busy week hunting and gathering  or sitting at my desk and getting eye strain from my monitor  ,this seemed a suitable dish to be  waiting … Continue reading

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Chicken Liver Kebabs

The big news for me last week of course wasn’t the snow which prevented me from getting to work for but obviously the news that   doner kebabs are unhealthy , often containing  more than your daily allowance of saturated fat … Continue reading

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Chicken Liver with Lentils

How is this for frugal cooking, really smacks of the seventies but trust me its lovely . You could add cream at the end but I don’t think it needs it . Next time for an extra iron hit I … Continue reading

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Chicken liver, fennel and cumin crouton salad

This is a very flavoursome salad from Allegra McEvedy .I’ve never eaten in on of her fast food restaurants  Leon but using healthy seasonal food she ticks all my boxes except using the word “superfood” grr bad anyway she did … Continue reading

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Roasted Chicken with Chanterelles

We worked really hard all last weekend while its rained .The promise of dry weather this weekend meant we had to go out for a nice walk in the Forest of Dean , ancient woodland criss- crossed with waterstreams and … Continue reading

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