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Portabello Stuffed Mushroom Burgers with Tomato Salsa

I love the big portabello mushrooms we get in the vegebox. They are lovely make just seasoned and grilled in a cob.  This time I decided to do a little extra with them by stuffing them. You could use sausage … Continue reading

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Jerk Pulled Pork

This was my first attempt at making a pulled pork, so I was instinctively working out a way of cooking rather than following a recipe. In the end it was incredibly simple; slow cooking followed by roasting leaves moist tender … Continue reading

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Punjabi Chicken and Spinach

With the rain thundering down I am desperate for warming food, but conscious of the need for hit of green, Happily there are huge bags of spinach in the grocers so I grabbed a couple.  After a quick browse I … Continue reading

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Spicy Chilli Coconut Prawn Soup with Kohlrabi Noodles

My boyfriend and I spent three years weekend commuting to see each other at weekends , 100 miles each way. Within the first month he arrived on a Friday night to find me shivering on my sofa declaring myself,  “Dying … Continue reading

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Masala Omelette

At the moment GoodFood is screening back to back Nigella Lawson , Nigella Bites and Forever Summer, which is much better watched now than at it’s original screening time in the depths of winter. A scheduling nightmare that caused  even … Continue reading

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Welsh Wine and Bilberry Pancakes

Back from camping and the Green Man Festival,  it was a wonderful opportunity to camp on the site a few days before the festival started properly , despite it being the 4th time I have been to Green Man you … Continue reading

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Off to the Green Man Festival

Girl Interrupted is off on holiday …. I am off  to see the folks then camping for a few days before the Green Man Festival next weekend… Looking forward to some excellent food and tunes.

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Salt Cod , Chorizo, Roasted Pepper and Chick Pea Stew

A few weeks back I bought a packet of salt fish,  I wasn’t really sure what to do with it , a little googling revealed it goes well with chorizo so after a good soak and rinse, I combined it … Continue reading

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Fish Pie with Smoked Cheese Topping

I love fish pie,  it a conforting dish and made with everything in one pot. The weather has turned again, with rain replacing the scorching BBQ weekend. So I wanted something comforting.   Once all the preperation is done this is … Continue reading

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Blackberry and Apple Galette and Cake

Managed a lovely walk not to far from home on Saturday, just round the corner in fact. I busied myself picking blackberries. Growing up I was regularly press-ganged into service,  gathering blackberries, fungi , mussels , bricks from skips and … Continue reading

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