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Spiced Breakfast Cake

So I have committed myself to at least three months working in London and the slightly strange part is I am going to commute from Bristol. This is going to require a great deal of forward planning and in my … Continue reading

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Sorry this is a repost somehow I deleted this blog entry from Sunday ( found in cache though) Brownie points earned in multiple this weekend not only did Nick sit through Sweeny Todd the Barber of Seville , while I … Continue reading

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Carrot and Apricot Cake

After the success of the sticky gingerbread last week I am in a baking frenzy for the upcoming weekend away attempting to prove my domesticity and provide sustenance for the planned mammouth walks. Mostly carrot cakes are made with raisins … Continue reading

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Quick Lamb and Lentil Stew- with Spelt Bread

Ended up going back to my laptop tonight to work late , but took a therapeutic break to pound some bread , though I use the food processor to mix , pounding dough before a 25 minute prove calms me … Continue reading

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Green Tea and Cardamom Madeleines

Its a weekend at home for the first time in ages so I have done a little baking having rediscovered my love for chai as usual doing festival season, I fancied making some with green tea and cardamom they taste … Continue reading

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Rose Madeleines

It’s been raining all weekend , and with some self-enforced solitude it was time to do some baking , I had bought some silicon moulds . Not that into baking but when the mood hits I always manage to be … Continue reading

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