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Chicken Liver with Lentils

How is this for frugal cooking, really smacks of the seventies but trust me its lovely . You could add cream at the end but I don’t think it needs it . Next time for an extra iron hit I … Continue reading

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Rosemary Chicken and Swiss Chard with Lentils

Chard for a long time every restaurant menu featured a healthy portion under seasonal vegetables . Many people eulogize about it I have found it at times both bitter and bland and most of the favored recipes seem to require … Continue reading

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Chicken Peanut Stew

I was searching for inspiration from my Flickr pictures from last year .. decided to share this Chicken Peanut Stew a food from my childhood and fantastic store cupboard food , dare I say in in the wake of the … Continue reading

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Wettest Walk in the World Soup

Back from some very wet but lovely walking in Wales over Christmas the rain comes from all directions , getting soaked to the skin requires some very warming soup on return . Some quick preperation before heading out means and … Continue reading

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Chicken with lentils , leeks and orzo.

Food from the weekend, this is a dish cooked in two parts, the chicken is roasted first while the oven is on for other food .Finished off in very easily when hungry with a delicious juices to mop up. Chicken … Continue reading

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Chicken and Butter Bean Stew with Polenta

Very easy but heartening quick stew about 2 minutes preparation , one of those store cupboard dishes , just have to remember to take the chicken out the freezer , alternatively they defrost in warm water in about 25 minutes. … Continue reading

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Chicken Soup for the Soul

I wrote about poaching a chicken with fresh veggies and herbs and saving the leftovers in baggies Got the last the chicken packet one out of the freezer today and threw it in the pot frozen with some cannellini beans … Continue reading

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Poaching a chicken

I am off for the weekend , didn’t want to leave a chicken and a lot of vegetables in the fridge . I pretty much always buy whole chickens not portions these days .. it was a nice yellow organic … Continue reading

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Pass the Parsley – Sauce Soup and Stews .

With a massive bunch of parsley a new take on a sunday lunch classic from my childhood Ham with Parsley Sauce this was always served with broad beans and new potatoes ( which luckily we had a profusion of this … Continue reading

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Hurray for Bank Holidays

To me this is the image that captures a wonderful bank holiday weekend in Yorkshire … in the morning stripped leftover garlic + thyme roasted chicken eaten the night before and made sandwiches for walking . Added water and carrots … Continue reading

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