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Ham, Bean and Cabbage Soup

We were doing a lot of walking this weekend so a really hearty warming soup, this actually stared as a gammon joint to be served sliced beans but it worked better as a soup . Ham, Bean and Cabbage Soup … Continue reading

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Chilled Courgette Soup with Radish and Mint Pesto

Lots of courgettes and radishes in the vegetable box and have a large bunch of mint , I was saving it for Pimms but I don’t think its ever going to be hot enough for that delicious summer drink. I … Continue reading

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Tomato and Haricot Bean Soup

Baked Beans in tomato sauce the fancy version. I had soaked the beans planning on using them at the weekend but change of plans meant they still needed eating so whipped up this soupy stew. Dinner watching Torchwood and Dr … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Soup

I had to hang around the flat this morning waiting for the telephone engineer so watching a bit of Nigella Bites, she was doing comfort food making risotto which meant I then craved it all day and was planning to … Continue reading

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Creamy Cruciferous Vegetable Soups

Broccoli Stilton and Walnut Soup. Creamy cruciferous vegetables , with a nutty bite , you might not want to leave this soup too long or it will go a kind of yellowy colour this dish takes less than 15 minutes … Continue reading

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Christmas Leftovers

Very happy walking on Boxing Day with Turkey and Ham Sandwiches (using up the Spiced Ham ) just us and the sheep again …… But lots of Turkey also means plenty of Turkey Soup , either Laksa which is zingy … Continue reading

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Wettest Walk in the World Soup

Back from some very wet but lovely walking in Wales over Christmas the rain comes from all directions , getting soaked to the skin requires some very warming soup on return . Some quick preperation before heading out means and … Continue reading

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Lentil and Parsley Soup with Crispy Pancetta

What I thought was an allergic reaction this morning , has developed into a full blown cold so I have called and moaned at everyone I know , made honey and lemon and now I thought I would share it … Continue reading

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Mushroom Soup for the Soul

Returning home from the weekend the fridge is pretty empty other than a box of mushrooms from the vegebox , I could eulogise forever about how different these babies are to anything you find in a supermarket instead of going … Continue reading

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Chunky Vegetable and Lentil Soup

Urggh Frustrating Day – work has “upgraded” my laptop with Windows Vista so even trying to type a document. Just formating a simple document means hours tracking down all the standard functions under cutesy irritating graphics – its time to … Continue reading

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