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Gammon and Pea Risotto

For a bargain joints you really cannot beat a gammon hock ( smoked or unsmoked) less than £2 a piece. They do need some slow low cooking to ensure the flakiest meat and rich stock. In winter you can use … Continue reading

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Pork Belly with Lentil and Slow Roasted Tomato Salad

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean I  want to give up big Sunday roast joint ( if only for the leftovers) . In summer though, out go the vegetables and in come the  lighter salad ingredients . This weekend we … Continue reading

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I was wittering away to someone on the phone about how I had adopted the East Midlands  – leaving behind my south-western ways since heading up here to be with Nick . To be honest that fact that the produce … Continue reading

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Smoked Ham Hock with Beans and Vegetables.

This was lunch for the family , Nick working from home , and my mum on a stopover from York to Bristol bearing gifts of purple sprouting broccoli , kale and from my aunt Lizzie Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb – recipes … Continue reading

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Gochujang Pulled Pork with Spicy Beansprout Salad

Since discovering how easily  the slow cooker produces pulled pork,  I have been dying to try another recipe.  Having shown almost superhuman self restraint in leaving  it almost a month since the Chipolte Pork Tacos , I rewarded the household … Continue reading

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True Taste of Wales – Cider -Mustard Braised Pork Chops with Lentils and Laverbread Oatcakes

One of the greatest  meals I ever ate  was a slow roasted piece of  Welsh belly pork . Though incredibly simple,  it was the first meal my boyfreind and I ever  cooked together.  It was November and we were staying  … Continue reading

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Cévennes Pork , Kale & Chestnut Stew

This is the second recipes from the Cévennes region   following on from  Spatchcocked Guinea Fowl with Rosemary and Pancetta .  These  recipes were provided by Rosy Thornton to complement her new Tapestry of Love. The book is set in this … Continue reading

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Pork Adobo

Adobo is a method  of cookery from the Philippines characterised by stewing meat  in vinegar,  at first glance I thought it might be overpowering but cooking mellows the vinegar and it perfectly tenderises the meat . The vinegar in adobo … Continue reading

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Jerk Pulled Pork

This was my first attempt at making a pulled pork, so I was instinctively working out a way of cooking rather than following a recipe. In the end it was incredibly simple; slow cooking followed by roasting leaves moist tender … Continue reading

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Stilton and Green Tomato Chutney “Jucy Lucy” Burgers

One of the secrets most food bloggers learn pretty quickly is if you are cooking something that if you suspect might not photograph well in it’s final presentation e.g brown stew , then take plenty of pictures of the preparation … Continue reading

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