Camping Kebabs


The end of May Bank Holiday weekend ,and time for another camping trip . This time to Malham in Yorkshire , we had a lovely time up in Settle last year . Nick located a fantastic campsite at Malham Cove with freindly cows and ducks .

Our new baby

We got lucky choosing the North since the South of the UK has been battered by rain instead we got windy sunny weather , thanks heavens since I was eager to try out our new baby , the Kettle BBQ This is not to say that the Le Cruset has in any way been replaced in the camping kit but the last few trips I have been tortured by the smell of BBQ drifting across the campsite.

Since my vegebox was packed with summery vegetables , courgettes , peppers & aubergines since these are best eaten fresh it had to be kebabs . All I needed to do was pick up some shoulder of lamb that I cut into chunks mixed with chopped garlic thyme rosemary and slosh of red wine and pop them into a freezer bag in the cool box.
Lamb Kebabs

On the campsite , I sat threading the chunks of lamb and vegetables onto skewers every inch the domestic goddess, sipping red wine while Nick made fire ( Grrr man make fire) , the kettle BBQ worked like a dream , even grilling some asparagus for starters so it will make it into regular camping rotation

Asparagus on the BBQ

The Le Cruset got some use to whipping up a one pot dish of smoked sausage , tinned tomatoes, onions , wild garlic ,black olives , pasta curls .

Sunday Night Dinner

Managed plenty of quality hiking & even a little climbing fueled by a little Yorkshire Curd Tart , loving my new picnic plates with their lovely vector inspired leaves .
Yorkshire Curd Tart

From here

Gordale Scar

To here

Path to Janet's Foss


  1. Great trip, love the photos … we stayed put in the cold wet south, so are very envious 😉

    That barbecue looks good


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