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Cookbook : Leon Baking & Puddings : Spelt and Walnut Loaf , Damson Parfait

Another cookbook to kick my cooking muscles back into gear this time for Leon restaurants the takeout restaurants tick all my boxes  with a focus on sunstainability and seasonally . Leon restaurants don’t exit outside London which is really unfair … Continue reading

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Ostrich Egg Super Spring Frittata

When a lovely lady from Morrisons sends you an email saying, “Would you like an Ostrich egg?” the sensible thing to do is to think calmly and rationally about what are going to do with the equivalent to 24 hens … Continue reading

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Wild Garlic Risotto

Last year I made the quintisenital Spring dish a  Wild Garlic Risotto with St Georges Mushrooms . The mushrooms won’t appear for another few weeks so until then I am contenting myself with a simple risotto made with a wild … Continue reading

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Rabbit with Mustard , Leek and Wild Garlic Sauce

Firstly now is actually not the best time to buy  wild Rabbit ,from April  they are busy breeding and feeding their young . However  this is little wild bunny has been in my freezer for a couple of months, a … Continue reading

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Elderberry Cordial

Elderflowers get all the attention in summer, with pages of magazine articles devoted to stories of people making their own elderflower cordial ,  champagne and ices.  I’m guilty too , I still have a few bottles of elderflower champage in … Continue reading

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Blackberry Mousse

The Blackberry season came very early this year , I started gathering them at the end of July.  According to tradition/Wikipaedia blackberries should not be picked after Michaelmas (29 September) as the devil has claimed them, leaving a mark on … Continue reading

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Blackberry Yogurt Cake

Recently I found a second-hand copy of , “The Man Who Ate Everything” by  Jeffrey Steingarten,  a collection of essays from 90s written by the former Vogue Food Critic. In one essay on ripeness of fruit, I learnt that dessert … Continue reading

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Blackcurrant and Sloe Gin Sorbet

This week a very nice researcher from BBC Nottingham sent me a message , they were doing a piece on foraging and she wondered if I was able to show her some spots in Nottingham that day,  where wild berries … Continue reading

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Homemade Raspberry Vinegar on Goats Cheese Salad and with Strawberries and Black Pepper

Summer berries and currants are now in season. We don’t have any fruit bushes in the garden but  wandering along the canal bank yesterday  I was really happy to see a few straggly raspberry plants. The fruits were very small … Continue reading

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Apricot Tart Tatin

The greengrocers was selling massive boxes of perfectly ripe Apricots. I was seduced by their intoxicating scent and colour, pale orange with just a blush of pink and tasty globular sunset.  I know I bang on about seasonal and local … Continue reading

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