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Pork Belly with Lentil and Slow Roasted Tomato Salad

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean I  want to give up big Sunday roast joint ( if only for the leftovers) . In summer though, out go the vegetables and in come the  lighter salad ingredients . This weekend we … Continue reading

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Smoked Trout Salad with Crispy Fish Skin

  I love smoked fish and could happily eat it every day, the smoking gives fish an extra richness delicious in salads, fishcakes , pate. Thanks to Smiths Smokerys’ regular stall at Farmers Markets  in the East Midlands , I … Continue reading

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Ostrich Egg Super Spring Frittata

When a lovely lady from Morrisons sends you an email saying, “Would you like an Ostrich egg?” the sensible thing to do is to think calmly and rationally about what are going to do with the equivalent to 24 hens … Continue reading

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Wild Garlic Risotto

Last year I made the quintisenital Spring dish a  Wild Garlic Risotto with St Georges Mushrooms . The mushrooms won’t appear for another few weeks so until then I am contenting myself with a simple risotto made with a wild … Continue reading

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Rabbit with Mustard , Leek and Wild Garlic Sauce

Firstly now is actually not the best time to buy  wild Rabbit ,from April  they are busy breeding and feeding their young . However  this is little wild bunny has been in my freezer for a couple of months, a … Continue reading

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Lamb and Chickpea Balls with Watercress and Radish Salad

This weekend I am planting up the  herb and salad planters, building on the success of the sorrel last year some new things for this burnet, garlic chives and lovage. Depending on weather I may nip out for a quick … Continue reading

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Watercress , Smoked Mackerel and Celeriac Salad

I took a little trip  around Nottingham Market  this weekend, under orders to buy a “happy” chicken for Sunday Lunch. All of the vegetable stalls had large bunches of British Watercress which for me is a sure sign, alongside the … Continue reading

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Kipper Kedgeree

Smiths Smokery Market stall at West Bridgford Farmers Market this weekend  Smiths a family-run business  first started catching eels on the East Coast of England over thirty years ago. For many years their eels were sold live to Billingsgate Market in … Continue reading

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Tourte Cévenole ( Potato, Leek and Herb Pie)

This is the final  recipe from the Cévennes region   following on from Spatchcocked Guinea Fowl with Rosemary and Pancetta Pork , Kale & Chestnut Stew These recipes were provided by the author  Rosy Thornton to complement her new fictional work Tapestry … Continue reading

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Pea Pod Soup and Chicken Stock

Are you bored of the pictures of pea shoots yet! The gift of fresh peas is too good to waste any part ,  I used  leftover pea pods ( just a few handfuls)  to make this soup, cooking it does … Continue reading

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