Pea Pod Soup and Chicken Stock

Are you bored of the pictures of pea shoots yet!

The gift of fresh peas is too good to waste any part ,  I used  leftover pea pods ( just a few handfuls)  to make this soup, cooking it does look a little like you are boiling the contents of the compost bin but produces a sweet silky soup . The sweetness from the peas but the  richness  from the stock her chicken and having extolled it’s virtues here is how I make a my standard chicken stock

To make chicken stock

From leftover roast chicken carcass
Cover the chicken carcass with water Since my roasts are always heavily seasoned I don’t add seasoning but will add any leftover green vegetables or white wine and Bring the water to the boil , simmer for at least an hour skimming any foam that forms on the surface. If you want to freeze it best to then remove the carcass and simmer it to become more concentrated and small to store.

You don’t have to use leftovers by poaching a chicken you get a stock and some delicious moist chicken meat.  Place a whole chicken in a large pan covered in water, with a whole onion , garlic cloves,   herbs ( thyme, bay leaves, tarrgon) , green vegetable outer leaves , leeks  salt and pepper. Bring to the boil, simmer on the hob approx one and a half hours for a medium chicken. Remove the chicken from the pan , I find it easiest to strip while still warm and returning the skin and bones to the pan to concentrate the stock for another 20 minutes on a medium heat.

Cold poached chicken is lovely in summer especially served mixed with a little yogurt fresh herbs and spices like paprika or a spicy chilli and peanut sauce. In winter I will eat the hot chicken with a little of the stock and vegetables as a soup adding pasta or grains.

Pea Pod Soup

3 handfuls of pea pods per person stalks removed
Enough good stock ( I used chicken stock) to cover the pea pods
Outer leaves from a green lettuce, one leaf per person

  1. Cover the pan and gently simmer the pods and lettuce leaves in the stock until soft  ( takes about 5 minutes )
  2. Puree the mix then sieve to remove any stringy parts.
  3. Serve immediately or cool in the fridge and serve in glasses

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    1. For years I have wonderd about using pea pods. I have your soup on the stove as we speak. Love your site. Will send ideas. We are in to Elderflower in a big way at the moment as the flowers are everywhere.

    2. It was a bit weak, so I added some Gordon Ramsay. More peas , advacado, a potato. Then crispy uber thin crumbled pancheta (should of been Parma,it will be next time) at the end. Suit you sir!
      Tucking in to Jamie Olivers Cucumber lime and Elderflower Granita as we speak. Superb extreemly!

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