Wild Garlic Butter on Asparagus

Wild Garlic Butter

Wild Garlic butter shown here in a Welsh Love Spoon beggining in the 1600s these were created by the young man as a present for his intended bride , carved from a single piece of wood the intricacies and themes has symbolic meaningss heart showed , “his love for her ” , a double heart meaning “shared love” or “returned love”.

In the Wye Valley , Wales this weekend Spring was definitely on its ways with everything coming into flower. Carpets of white wood anenomes and wild garlic , studded with yellow celandine and blue wood violets.

Spring Sprung

1. Wild Garlic Coming Into Flower, 2. Wood Anenomes Anenome nemorosa, 3. Celandine, 4. Wood Violet

Although the wild garlic was only just beginning to flower in the more sunny spots but I still gathered plenty of leaves to make wild garlic butter which will keep in the freezer

Garlic Butter (to make 30g of butter )
30g of butter
a large handful of wild garlic

  1. Food process together until the garlic is well disperesed the butter will turn a lovely green colour.
  2. For a low fat version use a soft cheese makes a delicious sandwich filling or sauce for pasta

This garlic butter makes delicious garlic bread , cut open a baguette lengthway and smear the two halves with the butter sandwich back together wrap in foil and place in a hot oven for 10 minutes.

Wild Garlic Butter Over Asparagus

The garlic butter is also lovely over steamed vegetables and the best possible vegetable ….. from the Slow Food Market at in Bristol showed the first British asapargus was appearing from the Isle of Wight grown in seaweed although it was ¬£3.50 a bunch for 7 stems worth every penny , Fat stems tasty right to the end . Wild Garlic butter melted over asparagus with a squeeze of lemon totally luxurious and totally delicious

More Wild Garlic Recipes

Wild Garlic Pesto and Soup



  1. You’re recipes for wild garlic are brilliant! Thanks a lot. I cook with it…. here in northern Ontario, Canada we call it wild leeks or ramps. Apparently it is common to both the old and the new world.

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