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Ostrich Egg Super Spring Frittata

When a lovely lady from Morrisons sends you an email saying, “Would you like an Ostrich egg?” the sensible thing to do is to think calmly and rationally about what are going to do with the equivalent to 24 hens … Continue reading

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Wild Garlic Risotto

Last year I made the quintisenital Spring dish a  Wild Garlic Risotto with St Georges Mushrooms . The mushrooms won’t appear for another few weeks so until then I am contenting myself with a simple risotto made with a wild … Continue reading

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Nettle and Lemon Sorbet

As a good forager , I will try anything. But I just cannot get on with nettles everyone raves about then in Nettle Soup but everytime I make it it ends up tasting like grass cuttings, just too strong. But … Continue reading

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Soy Spiced Spring Vegetables

A spring green fix, the vegebox is full of asparagus , purple sprouting broccoli and spring green cabbage. I am very happy,  early this week I stir fried asparagus with soy sauce , chilli and garlic, it was so delicious … Continue reading

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Rice Paper Rolls

I first became addicted to these rice paper rolls in an underground mall near my work when I lived in Toronto. They were incredibly simple just letttuce , coriander and a few large prawns, served with a small pot of … Continue reading

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Gammon Hock, Asparagus , Poached Egg, Chive Mayonnaise on Walnut Bread

Finally I have laid my hands on some British Asparagus, great big fat stalks of sweetness , although I had seen some in the farm shop in Bristol this past week is was pretty pricey £5 for 6. My local … Continue reading

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Beef Cheek Ragu and Wild Garlic Gnocchi

A few weeks ago I made beef cheek ragu , two large cheeks slow cooked until they begin to fall apart with red wine , tinned tomatoes, dried wild mushrooms, onions , garlic , bay leaves and oregano . Enough … Continue reading

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Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti & Meatballs, as I continue my temporary housewife role , tonight I decided to try out being a proper Italian mamma and make spaghetti and meatballs, it is relaxing and calming making tiny spicy meatballs and simmering tomato sauce. … Continue reading

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Mackerel Teriyaki with Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Yesterday I had a day off , actually I am having quite a few days off because I have left my job  it feels really weird , I haven’t not had a job since university but it was heaven waking … Continue reading

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Spicy Korean Pork Spare Ribs (Dwaeji Galbi) and Pickled Cabbage (Kimchi)

I have had a lot of experience of  Korean Cuisine there don’t seem to be a lot of Korean restaurants, however a few months ago I had Kimchi , fermented pickled vegetables in a noodle bar in Nottingham. This pickled … Continue reading

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