Roasted Gold Nugget Squash , Orzo , Rocket and Goats Cheese

Golden Nugget  Squash , Orzo , Rocket and Goats Cheese

Yesterday after a cloudy start , it was warm and lovely here in the South West , I walked home from work full of the joys of the proverbial Spring , but with the certain knowledge I need to up my game in the lunch stakes .

The reason ? Well for a long time I did not mention this blog to colleagues , however taking time off to go up to London word has got around and I have found my lunches are becoming subject to a certain level of scrutiny. Working from home for so long and with a fair bit of travelling for work , my few days in the office had become a bit dependant on baked potatoes and hummus from the cafe. I suppose everyone needs a little motivation once in while so determined to hold my head high in the lunch room today. with the weather warming up a colourful salad seemed suitable

There have been two squash sitting on my worktop for a few weeks now but I have not really been able to give them proper attention , although did manage to identify them as Gold Nugget

Was inspired to get back to the squash by the Great Big Veg Challenge , if you haven’t discovered this blog the premise one inspiring and creative mother is tackling her sons veg-phobia by working through the A-Z of vegetables , with fantastic recipes and stunning pictures … they are up to S for Squash

I love squash in salads stickiness soft sweetness and a colour that can’t be beaten . Looking a little non-descript from the outside this squash the flesh inside is a vibrant orange going even darker once roasted ,

Roasted Squash , Orzo , Rocket and Goats Cheese

Squash ( any orange-fleshed Butternut, Golden Nugget ,Pumpkin)
Rocket or Spinach
Goats Cheese
Squeeze of Lemon Juice
Salt and Pepper

  1. Thickly slice the squash removing the seeds.
  2. Placed on a roasting tray ( you can drizzle over a little oil if you wish I don’t think it needs it)
  3. Baked for 30 minutes at 200degC turning halfway through
  4. Remove the skin , it is a little thick and chewy in salad , but delicious eaten dipped in a little dressing or butter
  5. Mixing the roughly chopped squash with cooked orzo , goats cheese and rocket
  6. Dress with a squeeze of lemon salt and pepper

Lunch is served , critics await and I have made enough for tasters.

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