Trout with Salad of Butternut Squash , Green Beans Feta and Thyme

Trout with a salad of butternut squash , green beans and feta

Trout with salad of butternut squash , green beans feta and thyme

As I have said before my mother is an impressive cook for a girls night we hit the cinema ,though dinner out would be nice , after a lot of time away from home recently I really needed to cook at home .

I decided on a cooking trout , my stepdad is not a bid fan of fish with bones so I knew it would be a hit . Its also very quick to cook in the oven post cinema

I stuffed the trout with a little lemon thyme , drizzled with olive oil , salt and pepper , wrapped in foil and baked at 180deg for 30 minutes it comes out moist and juicy

Accompanied by an autumnal salad of roasted butternut squash ( thickly sliced , drizzled with olive oil and roasted in the oven at 200deg for 30 mins) , steamed green beans , feta cheese and a little lemon thyme dressed with a little lemon juice olive oil and wholegrain mustard

I realised I am a massive fan of green beans in salads , click on any of the images for recipes.

Green Bean and Turnip Salad

Steamed baby turnips and green beans dressed with tahini , chopped roasted garlic , fresh lemon juice , sesame seeds , olive oil .

Green Bean Salad

Chopped tomatoes , grean beans , gem lettuce , boiled eggs , tinned anchovies and olives dressed with olive oil and vinegar

Four Bean Salad with Fennel and Goats Cheese

gently steam the french beans til all dente
mix with any beans you fancy ( these are butter beans , borlotti beans and flagolet beans)
dress with a mixture of white wine vinegar ( you could also use lemon juice) , olive oil ,salt pepper , whole grain mustard and hanfuls of freshly chopped fennel leaves. Finally crumble over some goats cheese .

If you need some meat add some crispy cooked bacon or chicken or even tuna but you might want to leave out the goats cheese if you are using fish


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