Ham, Bean and Cabbage Soup

Warming Soup

We were doing a lot of walking this weekend so a really hearty warming soup, this actually stared as a gammon joint to be served sliced beans but it worked better as a soup .

Ham, Bean and Cabbage Soup

200g of dried haricot beans soaked overnight and rinsed well
200g of gammon joint
1 medium white cabbage
1 small onion finely chopped
Bunch of fresh parsley
1 pint of cider
1 pint of boiling water
Salt and Pepper to season

Place the gammon joint , in an ovenproof dish with the onion and beans cover with the cider and water
Simmer for 1 hour
Remove the gammon joint cut into 1 cm cubes return to the dish and add the cabbage
Cook for a further 20 minutes adding water if it looks dry and serve with a scattering of chopped parsley
Alternatively leave the gammon whole and slice and served heaped with beans.
Even better the next day.

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One Response to Ham, Bean and Cabbage Soup

  1. touchofnectar says:

    That looks awesome! Yum.

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