Freshly Caught Trout

Tail of a Trout by you.

I was a bit scared when LBF said that he was going to learn fly fishing ,it’s not that I am squeamish or have ethical objections . No it’s the gear… there is a lot of gear , rods , flies , stools, tackle boxes even tents. . I once worked at an antique fishing tackle auction (Yes, they do exist) , people spent hundreds , even thousands of pounds on antique fishing flies and stuffed fish.

But LBF is no fool, he knows exactly how to get round me , “I will catch you a fish” …. “Pff ” I said “Forget the macho posturing”.

But he is no fool and he delivered the one killer line,  “Think how bloggable that will be.”  I was sold I even packed him off fishing at stupid o’clock on a Saturday morning with roasted pork sandwiches.

P1060225 by you.

True to his word on his first ever fishing trip he caught a 2lb rainbow trout, which I generously let him gut and cook. It was incredibly delicate tasting and pale white flesh rather than the luminous pink I am used to.

Trout by you.

We cooked it simple wrapping the fish in foil with a scattering of fresh leeks , fresh lemon , sprigs of fresh thyme , butter and a twist of salt and pepper.

Rainbow Trout by you.


  1. I wonder if I can get Stephen to take up fishing, I’d love to sit down to some freshly-caught trout. We would struggle with the amount of kit though!

    I bet this was great, good idea to keep it simple so you can really taste the fish too.

  2. I caught my first trout last summer.

    Admittedly, it was from the fun-fishing lake at a trout farm. The lake was small, very small, and full of fish. Quite honestly, they couldn’t wait to get out. It was hardly sport, but still, catch and kill a fish I did, along with a couple of it’s friends. I promise to do it properly next time.

    We camped in the Dales that night, and fried our catch in butter, with thyme, bay and a good squeeze of lemon. Sat on the grass with my son, in the cool Yorkshire air, that was the finest fish I’ve ever eaten.

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