Spicy Green Tomato Chutney

A couple of weekends ago I had to accept that Summer was over & that last of the tomatoes were never going to ripen. Green Tomatoes seem very popular in the US not so much here in the UK , however I read a few recipes and since the chillis did ripen and I had some foraged apples , I decided to play around with a spicy green tomato chutney.

I would recommend playing around with quantities of sugar and vinegar though this can effect how the chutney keeps . We started eating this straight away and I can recommend it with  cheese and homemade oatcakes


Spicy Green Tomato Chutney

Makes one 500ml jar

2 tbsp of root ginger
2 cardamon pods – seeds only
2 large fresh red chillies
200g green tomatoes, chopped
100g of apples
50g of dates (finely chopped) or raisins
100g of onion chopped
Pinch of salt salt
25g of brown sugar
75ml  of malt vinegar

1. Put all the ingredients in a saucepan.
2. Bring to the boil, stirring until the sugar has dissolved, and simmer until the desired consistency is reached, I like mine quite chunky.
3. Pour into warmed sterilised jars.

Red Chilli


  1. I don’t have a greenhouse, and therefore have to grow tomatoes outside.

    Living in the far, frozen north (well, Yorkshire. It’s not exactly the Artic Circle, but you get the picture), my tomatoes never ripen, and I’ve taken to growing them just to get green ones for chutney, in which they are excellent.

    This recipe isn’t far from mine, but then again, no two batches of chutney are ever the same, and there’s really no such thing as a chutney recipe, just a loose and fluid list of ingredients that might or might not end up in the pan, depending on availability and the whim of the cook.

  2. Hi Becky

    Yes, it’s great how the green tomatoes which start so unpromising can turn into something really scrummy. I used to use malt vinegar for my chutneys but it’s quite harsh and in-your-face – have you tried using cider vinegar or wine vinegar? It makes a chutney that’s still zingy but a little bit more subtle.

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