Jerusalem Artichoke and Red Onion Salad

Last time I wrote trying to use up Jerusalem Artichokes it was a cooked gratin with leeks and breadcrumbs.

Jerusalem Artichoke

As another mountain arrives in the vegebox, this time I wanted to try then raw, unlike potatoes these nutty crunchy vegetables are delcious raw though best allowed to soften for a few minutes in dressing. I  scrubbed 300g of jerusalem artichokes (you could peel them but for me thats just too fiddly) ,the food processor easily grated them down. Mix the artichokes quickly with 2 tbsp of white vinegar , 1 tbsp of olive oil & 1 tbsp of mustard. This will stop of artichokes going brown. Adding finely sliced red onions and fresh parsley.

Last night I ate the salad with roast chicken but today for a quick lunch I had it with smoked mackerel with spelt bread but with fresh mackerel coming into season I think this salad would be lovely served with freshly grilled fish.


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