BBQ Shoulder of Lamb with Broad Bean,Feta & Mint Salad , Beetroot Salad and Preserved Lemon Hummus

More hunks of meat on the BBQ , it’s the rampant carnivore boyfriends’ fault. For the first time in a long time he got off work early and chose the meat at the butchers –  he picked a shoulder of lamb .  I left him to run his hometown  gauntlet of former schoolfreinds, work colleagues & drinking buddies while I popped to the veg stall in the market and picked a big bag of broad beans and beetroot.

I was planning a roast, it’s been so cold the last few days but on the walk back from town as the weather turned brighter and brighter . Suddenly there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and a BBQ seemed only the proper offering to the sun-gods .Shoulder of Lamb is a cut I usually slow cook , its tricky to carve with the blade running through it so I opted to make large slashes in the meat right down to the blade. Partly to hunks could easily be sliced off but also to add extra dry rub surface area since there wouldn’t be time for a long marinade.

The lamb cooked perfectly , I like it a tiny bit pink but with charring outside ,  vegetables for salad steamed in foil pouches on the BBQ and then mixed with plenty of herbs which are taking over the garden in the wet weather. There was enough residual heat after cooking to roast some whole garlic bulbs

BBQ Lamb Shoulder Dry Rub
1 tbsp of paprika , 1 tsp of salt, 1 tbsp of cumin seeds 1 tbsp dried chillis , 1tbp of dried oregano , 1 tbsp of dried rosemary.

  1. Slash the meat down to the blade bone criss-crossing
  2. Mix together the marinade ingredients and rub all over the meat especially  into the slashes.
  3. Once the coals have turned  white/grey , place the shoulder  non-fat side first cook for 25 minutes, turning over to the fat side for a further 20 minutes of cooking.
  4. If the fat is spitting to much spritz the coals with a little water
  5. Allow the meat to rest for 15 minutes before cutting and serving.

Broad Bean , Feta , Mint , Parsley and Wet Garlic Salad
Steam the broad beans for 5 minutes, either wrapped in foil with a splash of water on the BBQ or over a pan of water.  Once cooked ff the beans are small (less than 1cm)  you do not need to peel them. Mix with well crumbled feta  chopped wet garlic , mint and parsley.

I like making  my own hummus it comes out different each time, sometimes I add roasted garlic , onions or red peppers. This time is was some home preserved lemons , these are more than six months old. I keep  this jar in the fridge s add some new halved lemons to the bottom of the jar every few months. Keeping it in this rotation means I always have plenty of salty sour lemons  they go especially well with chicken and fish, or in salads with cous cous

Preserved Lemon Hummus
Mix a tin of chick peas (300g) with 1 heaped tsp of tahini, 1 clove of garlic,  1/4 of a preserved lemon. Liquidise and add enough olive oil ( not extra virgin the taste is too strong) to form a thick paste. Quantities of oil are tricky since it depends on the mushiness of the chickpeas but I like it thick enough to stand a fork in.

BBQ Beetroot,  Yoghurt and Mint Salad
On a large piece of foil place beetroot cut into quarters, a clove of garlic, , cumin seeds a drizzle of oil and a splash of water , form of package and place on the BBQ with the meat for 30 minutes. Once cooked mix the beetroot and beetroot roasting juices with plain yoghurt and freshly chopped mint.

Salt Marsh Lamb with Spiced SaladBBQ Spiced Leg of Lamb


  1. Yum! The salads caught my eye. Home making hummus is so worthwhile, though I must try your preserved lemon version. The bean salad and the beetroot salad sound so fresh and summery. Brilliant stuff.

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  3. I’ve been meaning to thank you for this recipe for ages, I’ve cooked it well over 10 times in the last few years and every bit of it goes down an absolute storm and all items complement each other to a T. In fact I’ve a bit of a bash coming up in a few of weeks and a couple of shoulders will be heading onto the barbie accompanied by industrial quantites of beetroot and broad bean salads. My family have healthy appetites so will also have a jerked spatchcocked chicken and some fabada and don’t expect to have anything left except washing up.

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