Raw Asparagus Mimosa with Sorrel Leaves

First thing yesterday morning I braved the torrential rain to check if any new free ranging asparagus shoots had appeared on a canal bank. Happily several more had appeared amid the rainy deluge. You can see how this free-ranging version (right) differs from the the thicker purple in my vegebox (left)

Not sure when the asparagus season will be ending but I have wanted to try an asparagus mimosa , the term applied to dishes garnished with hardboiled egg. This freshly picked asparagus is so sweet and tender it doesn’t cook it , but dressed with grated boiled egg (I tried putting it through a sieve but think mine must not have big enough whole.

I really enjoyed the taste of wild wood sorrel last year , it’s lemony acidity lifts dishes, popular in a lot of french dishes sorrel is not a herb I find much in the shops so I have planted  alongside some chervil and savory. With the asparagus and egg a few fresh young sorrel leaves worked really well with a dressing of , 1 tbsp rape seed oil,  1/4 tsp dijon mustard and 1 tsp white wine vinegar.

The cooked egg yolk emulsified well with the dressing and this was a lovely dish I will be trying again with steamed asparagus before the season ends for another year.


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