Free Ranging Raw Asparagus Salad

First posted May 26th , I have just re-posted this since I found some more free ranging asparagus this morning went to look for this post and realised I had somehow deleted it from the blog.

This morning I was walking down the canal to the post office to collect another undeliverable letter ( deep breaths , deep breaths) .  I kept my eyes firmly on the hedgerows as ever but still thought I imagined it when I saw an asparagus stalk in the hedge. But there is was and another and another all about two foot high. I I broken one off close to the base and tasted the stalk definitely asparagus and so sweet and juicy. I pick 6 stalks cutting them with my house keys and headed to the post office with them dangling out the top of my bag.

I have never found asparagus growing wild before so I am not sure if this is an escaped cultivated variety it didn’t really look like an of the wild varieties  I could find online, if anyone has any idea please comment

Back home I was already munching on the tender stalks so I  dispense with cooking and went for a raw asparagus salad with some of the homemade cheese and some toasted breadcrumbs NB I keep bags of breadcrumbs in the freezer, pouring out enough in a pan to toast as required, this adds a lovely crunch so salads and risottos.

Raw Wild Asparagus and Homemade Cheese Salad

6 stalks of wild asparagus , stalks cut in half
30g of crumbled fresh cheese ( recipe here)  or a crumbly goats cheese or feta
Handful of breadcrumbs
1 tsp of rape seed oil

4 tbsp of rape seed oil
juice of half a lemon
Pinch of salt
Couple of grinds of pepper

  1. Mix together the dressing ingredients
  2. In a frying pan warm the breadcrumbs in rape seed oil til they are golden brown
  3. Mix the asparagus with the cheese and dress
  4. Scatter over the breadcrumbs
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3 Responses to Free Ranging Raw Asparagus Salad

  1. andresrcastello says:

    Looks delicious… i think its awesome that you’re able to find all these wild-growing veggies and herbs and are brave enough to pick them.

    I wish i didn’t live in a city sometimes haha


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