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Midlands Food Bloggers Meetup at 99 Station St , Staffordshire Fine Foods and a Summer Caldo Verde

On Saturday I took the quick train journey from Nottingham  to Burton on Trent ,  .Once the heart of brewing for the UK,  brewery buildings still dominate the town but the yeasty smell in the air is more often attributable … Continue reading

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Smoked Ham Hock with Beans and Vegetables.

This was lunch for the family , Nick working from home , and my mum on a stopover from York to Bristol bearing gifts of purple sprouting broccoli , kale and from my aunt Lizzie Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb – recipes … Continue reading

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Coconut Chilli Butternut Squash Soup

Weekends this time of year need to include striding knee deep in piles of  golden autumn leaves and returning to steaming bowls of soup . Even better if the soup matches the leaves. I am always so happy to see … Continue reading

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Chipotle Sauce

Thomasina Miers book Mexican Food Made Easy , added a new item to the top shelf of my fridge “Chipotles en adobo” joins , home preserved lemons , marinading olives , roasted garlic and peppers (steeping in oil) as the … Continue reading

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Spicy Beetroot and Coconut Soup with Herbed Yogurt tells me beetroot is considered by many cultures a food of love. Even more sordily  the Romans considered it such an aphrodisiac that the official brothel of Pompei was adorned with picture of beetroots. Just recently I have fallen … Continue reading

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Blewits – Pie, Soup & Salad

Blewitts are just that “Its …. that are um blue….” in the case of the wood blewitts the underside the gills give off a beautiful lilac hue For the field Blewitts their stems are stained with what looks like blue … Continue reading

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Death of a Pumpkin

Roasted Pumpkin Wedges Firstly when carving your pumpkin do not throw away the seeds , clean off the pulp and save the eeds Once you are done with your pumpkin cut it into slices and place on baking tray sprinkle … Continue reading

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