Sloe Gin Jelly

Jelly has seen a resurgence  mostly due to the acts of Bompass and Parr , two London Jelly Mongers who burst on the scene creating famous landmarks of London in Jelly . As usual I am trailing sadly behind the trend as Bompass and Parr have temporarily diversified with the  Parliamentary Waffle House. where you can select waffles based on your political leanings.

However when I  last watched Bompass and Parr, they were appearing on the excellent kids show Gastronauts . Presented by the lovely Stefan Gates , Gastronauts makes food and science fun for kids,  B&P were aiding in the mission making glow in the dark jelly using the simple addition of tonic water which glows under UV light.

In word association you say Gin,  I say Tonic (or maybe Palace). A little Google showed Bompass and Parr have a recipe for a Gin and Tonic Jelly flecked with gold , Nigella has one dressed with White Berries.

A little late having set my heart on a gin jelly, I dug around in the cupboards to find  no plain gin,  but some beautiful homemade year-old Sloe Gin. I put together a recipe for a Sloe Gin Jelly , the bright colour is not from anything artificial, simply from the sloes slowly leeching their vibrant rosey colour .

It tastes rosey too , delicate and floral  certainly  banishing any memories of oversweetened vodka jellys from my uni days. Whats anyone else do with their Sloe Gin other than drink it ?

Sloes by you.

Sloe Gin Jelly

Makes two small yogurt pot sized jellys

4 sheets gelatine
1 tbsp caster sugar
150ml sloe gin (recipe here)
150ml water

  1. Cover the gelatin sheets in water allow to soak for five minutes
  2. Heat the water until warm but not boiling
  3. Add the gelatin and stir til dissolved
  4. Allow to cool then stir in the gin
  5. Pour into moulds and allow to set in the fridge for at least 6 hours

Sloe Gin by you.Elderflower Jelly


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  2. I love the sound of this. The G&T jelly is often made here during the summer months and goes down well. As for sloe gin I did try to make a sorbet with it last year, but think I added too much alcohol so it didn’t set. I will have to try this jelly this year.

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