Flatbread Pizza

Flatbread Pizza
Back when I took the food blogging thing quite seriously (I had very little else going on) I would always make my own pizza dough.
But things got busy I had kids and frankly just zhusing up a supermarket pizza with some cooked courgette was more than sufficient. The kids only ever really wanted cheese and tomato – sweetcorn at a push and some olives on the side.
Today for lunch though as I had a big batch of dough which had proved overnight I would have a go again.
We didn’t really have any of the traditional toppings , mozzarella and it was too late to make a tomato sauce, plus tinned tomatoes are now a very valuable commodity.
We did have some plain sausages though (delivered as a substitute to some slightly more interesting ones in my meat delivery.


Flatbread Pizza

I processed the plain sausages with some onion, garlic  a little tomato puree.
For the first pizza I softened a finely sliced leek  in the microwave , cooking it on high for 2 mins . With this I topped the pizza, added lumps of the sausage mix , feta crumbled over and after cooking I sprinkled over fresh fennel. The second I added a little extra red pepper to the sausage mix above, and toped the pizza with a thin layer, adding more feta and olives.
This is a really a economical way of topping as you don’t need a lot of either ingredients a few sausages go a long way. To be honest it’s not even feta – it’s “greek salad cheese” . These pizzas were demolished by the kids – the eldest is an alium fiend so loved the leeks.
We ate slices with piles of salad on the table. I really cannot believe the change I am seeing in the kids happy to load up their plates and eat with us.
In fact it was almost perfect right up until we tried a little fractions discussions with the eldest, your supposed to use maths in context,  at which point everyone had a little meltdown and we all had to go have a little nap.

Pizza Flatbread (makes 2 large pizza flatbreads)

  • 1/2 sachet of dried yeast
  • 500g of plain flour ( plus some extra to roll out)
  • pinch of salt
  • Lukewarm water to mix ( approx 150ml)
  • 3 tbsp of sunflower oil
  1. Mix together the flour , yeast, salt and oil.
  2. Add the warm water a little at a time to form a dough.
  3. Knead the dough for a minute or so to bring it together and leave somewhere warmish for at overnight.
  4. Roll out to approx. 4mm thick
  5. Top with ingredients – you need thin layers or the the dough won’t cook
  6. Bake in a preheated oven – 220deg for 25 minutes

Flatbread Pizza


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  1. Lovely to see you posting stuff again. I’m a baker and this blog gave me the best Bakewell Tart recipe EVER! Thank you! 🙂

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