Summer Salads .. surely not seasonal

Chickpea & Preserved Lemon Salad

I try to eat seasonally , partly environmental and partly cos unseasonal produce really lacks flavour … however I feel like I have been doing without salads a long time this winter , with the sun bursting through the last few days its been a quest to be ingenious with the ingredients currently available

Though this salad may look like it made in the the height of summmer , but was a
welcome lunch when I had no time to shop and been away for nearly two

Easily made from my general stock of ingredients … a. tin of chickpeas , chopped dried chilli , the goats cheese I keep in oil in the fridge , preserved lemons currrently a year old and the mint that has just begun to re-spout in my pots on my kitchen window sill

Not quite Nicoise Salad

This “not quite nicoise salad” is again a burst of a summer but not relying on out of season supermarket ingredients , boiled eggs with the new potatoes just starting to come into season , spinach , red pepper again maintained in oil and a little vinegar , capers, olives , sun dried tomatoes … a cucumber came in the vegebox at my weekend hosts to add some crunch

Lamb and Cauliflower Salad

this is using up leftover lamb and cauliflower from a roast dinner , My weekend host had some flat leaf parsley so I was able to add some green but I would lovel to have added a little preserved lemon …. well seasoned and delicious

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