Indian Spiced Mackerel

Indian Spiced Mackerel

Went into Derby this weekend to check out the markets , despite being in a landlocked county Derby has at least three good permanent fish stalls in the market each with a massive range of fish and friendly staff . Nick banned me from buying an Octopus though he might relent after I show him gorgeous and tasty it can look on Food Stories blog

Instead I was permitted to buy two lovely Mackerel which are just coming into season . Though the fishmonger offered I quite like de-heading and gutting them myself they seem to stay fresher so Sunday morning saw me clutching fish guts .


I love mackerel simply grilled ( memories of Lyme Regis last summer ) but I really wanted to try something a bit different I have loved the fish curries at festivals over the years but have never tried making my own

Once cleaned I slashed the sides of the fish and smothered them with a spicy curry paste ( red chilli, coriander , tumeric and ginger mixed in oil ) sorry for being lazy and not toasting and grinding my own spiced but I was anxious to get out and enjoy the sunshine .

After a day pottering round in the sunshine , I popped them under the grill and served with a pile of green lentils topped with yogurt and a , fresh cucumber , parsley, mint and spring onion salad dressed with salt , pepper and fresh lemon juice Would have been even better served in the sunshine in a tented field ,  but its definitely a sign of good things to come .

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4 Responses to Indian Spiced Mackerel

  1. Helen says:

    Yeah, buy the octopus! The mackerel looks amazing, very plump. They are a serious candidate for my favourite fish. So delicious grilled – and BBQ’d! I love how they can take the strong flavours like you’ve used here too.

  2. them apples says:

    Mackerel are excellent fish, and their stocks are largely sustainable too. In some respects they’re the perfect fish – versatile, robust enough to take big flavours, forgiving, cheap, packed with the right sort of oils and utterly delicious.

  3. Jods Girl says:

    Those mackerel look amazing. Im thinking a perfect end to a days gardening. I cant wait to try them.

  4. Sophie says:

    Lovely idea Becky – I’m bookmarking this to try it sometime. I particularly like the little lentil, spring onion and yogurt combo on the side – fits in nicely with the indian theme but quick to prepare

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